Our covered topics are in the form of affirmations - ways of being that we are embodying and learning to embody while being in circle together.

  • Safety - I don’t have to apologize for how I feel. My experience is valid.

  • Communication - I communicate honestly and respectfully. I honor both you and myself in our exchange.

  • Personal Empowerment - I own my light and my shadow parts. I am free to be radiant and I am free to be imperfect.

  • Group Empowerment - I am an essential part of the group. I share equal responsibility for maintaining group agreements and keeping the circle safe.

  • Triggers - I respond to triggers without blame or shame. I transform feelings of separateness into feelings of unity and connection.

  • “I am Me and You are You” - I create healthy boundaries.  

  • Power - I recognize when I feel empowered and when I give my power away.

  • Giving and Receiving - My giving is energizing, and my receiving is nourishing. 

  • Manifesting Goals - I use intuition, intention, and action planning to identify what I want and create what my true heart desires.

  • Cultivating Joy - I bring more creativity and play into my life, leading to more flexibility and choice in both mind and body.

  • Building Tribe - I cultivate deep relationships with the group which helps me attract and pursue the relationships I want outside of group.

  • The Embodied Experience - My mind and body are intricately connected and supportive of each other. My experiences flow through me as I engage both my mind and my body in acceptance, surrender, and release.

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