My younger clients respond exceptionally well to the Flower Essences and many of them call the Remedies their “magic potion”.


Flower Essences are 100% safe and profoundly effective. They naturally stimulate the mind and body’s self-healing mechanisms. Children are still developing, and are sensitive. This means they are sensitive to chemicals in their bodies, but also to the more subtle ways of healing. As much as possible, I encourage flower essences, along with other holistic therapies, to be considered and tried first before embarking on chemically altering pharmaceutical medication.


Anything that gets in the way of your child feeling content, lighthearted, and able to handle age appropriate responsibilities can be addressed with Flower Essences. Here are some examples:

  • Control issues, including potty training

  • Poor Sleep

  • Trouble focusing on school work or other life tasks

  • General Anxiety

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Depressed mood, including suicidal ideation

  • Anger and Aggression

  • High sensitivity

  • Social difficulties


Flower Essence sessions for kids from birth-pre-teen consist of a conversation with at least 1 parent or caregiver. In these conversations, I figure out the remedy through the information I get from the adult. I also support one or both parents/caregivers with how to effectively help their child work through their challenges.

A child’s Flower Essence will be even more effective when at least 1 caregiver is taking a remedy as well. This supports the whole family to learn and grow together, and changes occur more rapidly. Having said that, this is not mandatory for a child to receive a Flower Essence from me, or to deeply benefit from the process.


Flower Essences are wonderful for adolescents, providing them with comfort during these tumultuous years, helping them learn how to stay true to themselves at a time when they’re so influenced by others, and giving them the strength to make healthy choices. Adolescents have the session with me, but the same is true as with younger kids - if at least one caregiver is also engaged in self-reflection and flower essences, the struggles transform more easily.


1 Session: 75-90 minutes
Includes 20 minute phone follow up 1 week after session, and up to 3 remedies.

3 Session Package:
Each session is 75 minutes and includes up to 3 remedies.

“I loved how I could work with Jennifer on things my son was dealing with, including focus issues and frustration with some of his school work, without him needing to be there.  The flower essence remedy she created gave him marked improvement and relief within 3-4 days of taking it.  I highly recommend working with Jennifer on areas where you or your children are feeling stuck and weighed down.  I felt no judgement, only support.  I noticed improvements both from the talking part of the session and the flower essence follow up.”