The flower essence remedy Jen created for me after the session was fantastic and helped the healing continue long after our in-person meeting.
During a particularly intense challenge with my business, I experienced panic attacks for the first time. I was prescribed an anxiety medication by a Physician to take as needed. Not wanting to rely on pharmaceuticals, I met with Jen and she created a flower essence remedy to help support me.

While I was skeptical at first, I followed the protocol she gave and within 2 to 3 days I found that this difficult and overwhelming process no longer could take control of me and my emotions. I experienced a returned confidence in the ability to make important decisions without fretting or experiencing another panic attack. I was back to my usual self and able to move ahead with my business as I desired.
The flower remedies are like a tiny, yet powerful push that have supported me along my therapy journey. I love how every remedy is uniquely created based on what my body and mind need in the moment. The affirmations provided with the remedies are always on point and helpful, some of which I remember after a long time has passed.  
The flower remedies help me by opening me up to the issue at hand in a gentle way.  While taking a remedy for anger, I had dreams where I was verbalizing and expressing my anger in constructive ways.  This illuminated the ways I hold and process emotions in my waking life.
Along with creating the flower essence, Jen will invite you to pull cards that provide mantras associated with the flower essences. I find that the daily ritual of taking the flower essence while focusing on the mantra allows me to more deeply internalize the spirit behind them, affecting me at multiple levels of consciousness.
I’m in recovery, and the remedies are supporting me through step 3, which includes trust and releasing. The remedies allow me to feel more grounded as I attempt releasing as much control as possible.