Holistic Psychotherapy leads to deep, long-lasting change by raising consciousness in your whole being. We tune into your mind, body, spirit, and emotions, and receive their messages about what you need for optimal health and wellness. We honor your relationship with the natural world, and access its healing powers.

My role is to help you slow down enough to hear your inner wisdom and the wisdom of nature, and to help your mind, body, spirit, and emotions work together cooperatively. I do this through a combination of talking, somatic mindfulness, creative arts, ritual, and Flower Essence Remedies.

The foundation of Holistic Psychotherapy is:

  • Respecting and integrating the wisdom of your mind, body, spirit, and emotions

  • Accessing the healing powers of nature

  • Diving below the surface of seemingly unrelated issues to find unifying themes and patterns

  • Transforming feelings of fear and separateness into love and connection

  • Letting go of what depletes you and receiving what nourishes you

  • Embracing your unique gifts and strengths as vital contributions to the world

Those who are already holistically minded and those who are new to this approach equally benefit from what I offer.  Spirituality is different for each of my clients, and I honor what it is for you. I often approach spirituality more broadly, as cultivating intuition.

Ultimately, I support you to accept your particular path and predicaments with unconditional love, and find your way to freedom through awareness, trust in yourself, choice, and a solid sense of purpose.

“My work with Jen has been indispensable to my healing. Soon after my break-up, Jen led me through a ritual that provided a symbolic, embodied experience which greatly facilitated my process of letting go and moving forward. This experience unlocked something for me that I am not sure I'd be able to access through talk therapy alone. As we've continued on, Jen has helped me gain a better sense of my own identity, and I've begun to develop a deeper connection to my authentic self.”