Jen has helped open doors, windows and skylights onto new ways of viewing the world and claiming my rightful place and voice in it.
What incredible healing there has been, healing we had doubted might ever come. So thank you for walking with us on such a crucial part of that journey.
-M & G
Working with Jen for individual and couples sessions was a gift that I am and will be forever grateful for. Healing wounds, learning triggers, finding my voice, understanding differences, and discovering new and beautiful ways to connect were all incredibly meaningful components of our work together. At a time of transition in my life, Jen’s guidance brought me closer to myself, and deepened my relationship with my husband at a time that I needed it most.
Working with Jen has been an amazing experience. She created a warm and safe capsule for me to explore what was going on in my internal world and reflect on how I can move through the patterns where I’m getting stuck. Jen helped me have great realizations so I can move forward and leave behind that which isn’t serving any longer. She is intelligent, kind, and has a real gift for creating sacred space for working through difficult issues with more ease than you would imagine possible.
When I was 17 years old, I didn’t feel good enough for anything or anybody in my life. With Jen, I felt good enough. She listens without judgment, gives suggestions without being controlling, and radiates calm, acceptance, and comfort.
Life still has ups and downs, but I know that I can handle it. Two years ago, I thought that I’d feel better hiding from the world, but my problems never went away. The only way out is through, and Jen will help you through.
When I met Jen I was at a low point in my life following several years of overwhelming changes and loss, full of self-doubt and despair. With her kind attention and ability to ask the right questions, I was able to discern what I could change. I had the strength to leave an unsatisfactory living situation, and I can now feel my curiosity and enthusiasm for my life process returning.
When I started working with Jen doing couples therapy, I was feeling very distant with my wife, depressed, and lonely. We had spent a long time searching for ways to improve our relationship with very little improvement.

The sessions with Jen re-routed us from our stuck patterns and gave us ways to improve our communication by opening our hearts. My wife and I reached a whole new level of understanding. For this I will always be grateful.

Jen has a special way of understanding the whole picture and very gently teaching us how to move to where we really truly want to be.
I look back to our first meeting when I thought things would never be different. In the safety of my work with Jen, I was able to pay attention to those parts that seemed too scary to face. As a result of our work together, I am content, aware, and joyfully embrace all those emotions I once thought I couldn’t withstand.
Jen has been a monumental guide in my quest for greater self-love and self-awareness. She’s helped me journey to the deepest layers of myself while feeling safe and nurtured. Our work together has supported me in finding my true self, setting the right boundaries, and healing relationships.