CMV is tribe of women who are committed to becoming better friends, partners and community members. My participation in this circle has revealed to me how I heal best: in community.
In this group, I experience unconditional support and (dare I say) love.  This concept is hard for me - to believe that someone (let alone 6 other someones) could care about me - even when I say the “wrong” things and am at my lowest points.  My journey with this group has been amazingly helpful in accepting myself and others, and learning how to give and receive support.
The combination of group and individual work is so synergistic.  I have a group of women who act as my mirror, my teacher, my listener.  I know I’ll have Jen and these ladies in my life for a long time to come (maybe forever?!), and that is immensely comforting. 
As a member of CMV for nearly 2 years, I learned all about boundaries, communication and connection. CMV provided a nurturing space to explore what relationship means to me, and how to hold the relationship with myself while interacting with others. The members of CMV provided each other with the support to take chances, tell the truth and see our inner and outer worlds with striking clarity.