This is a customized 1 or 2 day retreat, tailored specifically to meet your healing goals. My speciality is to hone in on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’d like to be, and create a sequence that lovingly empowers you to step into the next part of your life journey with confidence and courage.

The Personalized Intensive will provide the safety you need to face both your fears and your desires. You will release what’s no longer serving you and access the strength to pursue what’s truly fulfilling.

Jennifer Hendler Holistic Psychotherapist and Flower Essence practitioner by Avi Loren Fox Narberth PA-88.jpg

This is a journey into unconditional love, deepening your trust that love is available to you now and at every moment forward. Our time together will improve your relationship with yourself and help you build the kinds of relationships you want outside of this sacred space.

Personalized Intensives include a blend of experiential exercises, deep inner work, play, flower essences, essential oils, and high quality nutritious and delicious organic food.

“The personalized intensive experience with Jen was amazing….profoundly emotional and spiritual, well thought out, organized, and lovingly fun.  We felt supported, loved and deeply connected. It was a unique and moving experience that was a wonderful addition to our individual and couples sessions and will forever be a wonderful part of our expanding and deepening relationship.” 

-S & E