The primary way clients and I work together is through a program, which is a pre-set number of sessions over a period of time. After 20 years of facilitating transformation in myself and others, programs align with my expertise of how to achieve the deepest, most effective healing and change. Like the rest of what I offer, it is an intentional and empowering model of growth.

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Each program is a cycle of healing, or what I call a “chapter” of your healing journey. At the end of a program, we evaluate where you are and decide what’s next. Many of my clients transition from one program to another, each time with greater confidence and courage to live a more satisfying, bolder life.


  • Commitment! This is a foundation of creating long lasting change.

  • Conscious process teaches you how to set and achieve healing goals, and carry out a successful transformational process

  • Clear beginning, middle and end grounds you while you travel the non-linear process of transformation

  • Sticking with your healing process during the most challenging parts leads to the breakthrough you need to feel better

  • Produces optimal results by pausing between layers of healing to rest, celebrate, re-evaluate, and integrate the gains you’ve made

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a Program is making a commitment to your healing process. By the time you’re committing to a program, you’re saying a clear, determined YES - to you, to a full healing cycle, and to hanging in there through the ups and downs of the transformational process. The program supports you to stay with your healing when you hit the most challenging parts; those critical moments when you might want to jump ship, but you need to stick with it to grow beyond what you could have ever imagined.

If you feel compelled to work with me but are still unsure about this model, I invite you to have a conversation with me so we can address all of your questions.