You are an amazing facilitator, Jen. You created such a safe space for us, skillfully handling the unique needs of each person so that all felt supported. I loved your presentation, and your passion, and the format and the experiential process!

Calming Anxiety Using Flower Essences
Sunday, October 27th


Anxiety can be so paralyzing.  Flower Essences are an effective and easy tool for getting unstuck. 

In this deeply supportive workshop we will further your healing through reflection, sharing, and working with the essences both individually and as a group.

You will learn how Flower Essences stimulate change gently, yet at the deepest layers, to help you feel better.

You will emerge from the workshop lighter and able to see more possibility for yourself. 

What to expect:

-A history and overview of how Flower Essences work 

-An empowering Mind, Body, Spirit, Earth practice 

-A nourishing community experience

-A shift in how you relate to your anxiety and your particular challenges

Healing Arts Studio
15 West Highland Avenue
2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19118


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