BEECH Program

This program is for when you’re experiencing disconnection in your relationship.

You feel stuck in patterns of relating.  You know these patterns aren’t serving you any longer, but you don’t know how to change them.  You know that better communication is critical, but you’re stuck in the same conversation over and over again.   

With total compassion, this program will support you in identifying what each of you are contributing to these dynamics.  We will move from the desire for the other to change, to looking within at your own habits. 

Within this paradigm, you will find the courage and the safety to speak your truth and listen to your partner’s truth.

Both your relationship with yourself and with your partner will improve.  You will have increased freedom to be yourself, to move forward as a whole person, and to be a team, knowing that your partner is truly on your side.

This program is also in alignment with conscious uncoupling; when you would like to transition into a new form of your relationship with integrity, grace, and respect.

This program is not for monogamists only. If you are committed to conscious relationship, this program is for you.

“The work we did with you was the greatest gift we could have ever given ourselves, and each other. And for that I am and will be forever grateful. To reconnect with parts of myself that I had difficulty finding, and with my husband in ways that we/I've yearned for, has been an amazing experience.”


5 Sessions: 75 minutes + Email Support 
$950 paid in full, or 2 monthly payments of $500

12 Sessions:
75 minutes + Phone and Email Support
$2220 paid in full, or 4 monthly payments of $575

22 Sessions: 75 minutes + Phone and Email support
$3850 paid in full, or 6 monthly payments of $658