This circle is a growing community of women who are able to look within, give and receive support. Our circle draws on the positive ways that women connect.  Together we remember the truth of who we are - powerful, essential, and capable. Together we create a safe container for exploring next steps in our personal healing and growth.  We offer each other encouragement to live in alignment with our soul’s path, and to be our boldest, most courageous selves.

We created this circle because we know that when women join together in unconditional support and solidarity, we are able to use our strengths in more powerful and productive ways, affecting our families, our friendships, our communities, and our world.

Sisterhood Circle is a place for play and joy and creativity.  It's a place where both our strength and our vulnerability are welcome and celebrated.   

It’s a relief and a blessing to have this kind of support in this lifetime, to know that we are not alone in anything we face, and that without a doubt, we matter. 

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